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These pages are maintained solely by me, Johan van der Heyden. If you wish to contact me, you can write an e-mail to info@xist.org. (Note: include a sensible 'Subject', as otherwise it is automatically transferred to the spambin!)
If you have some information that is currently not included or out of date, I welcome the data (be it in a spreadsheet, database, text-file, html-file, etc.). Please don't forget to mention the source of the data, as I try to attribute as much info to its source as possible.

Also, if one spots errors, I'd welcome a message, so I can remove the errors.

This site is my hobby, started around 1996. Data can be used freely for non-commercial use (no guarantees for their accuracy are given, as this usually depends on the source of the data). Sponsors are welcome, to extend the resources of this site